Spiritual Machines

spiritual machines


Exhibition from August 17-September 22, 2024, with performances on August 17 and September 21, at Flux Factory on Governors Island, 404A Colonels Row

What do we retain about our humanity through cultural shifts that leave us accelerated far beyond what our ancestors dreamed of? "Spiritual Machines" is an exhibition at Flux Factory on Governors Island that presents interdisciplinary artwork including ritual, performance, digital art, and artifacts that respond to our current condition of technological advancement. We are seeking work in any medium that responds to artificial intelligence, hybrid humans, what is real in an increasingly virtual world, and what cultural practices we are retaining, revisiting, and evolving along with us. The exhibition will be installed in the first floor of the house, and there will be 1-2 days of performances. It will run from August 17 to September 22, 2024.

Please note: Exhibition resources are limited, so covering artist travel, international shipping, or shipping of large-scale work is not feasible. Exhibitions take place in a historic building with install limitations, but efforts will be made to accommodate any works that are a good match for the open call.

Proposals due June 23
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